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Company Date of Notice Ticker CUSIP Ratio (ORD:DR) Type Country Exchange Corporate Action Type
Randgold Resources Ltd. 12/19/2018 GOLD 752344309 1:1 ADR UK NASDAQ Merger
Randstad NV 04/13/2018 RANJY 75279Q108 1:2 ADR Netherlands OTC Name Change
RDA Microelectronics, Inc. 07/21/2014 RDA 749394102 6:1 ADR China NASDAQ Privatization;Merger for Cash
Realm Therapeutics plc 07/30/2019 RLM 75606L103 25:1 ADR UK NASDAQ Merger
REC Silicon ASA 07/22/2019 RNWEY 75618W105 1:2 ADR Norway OTC Cusip Change;Reverse Split;Ratio Change
Red Electrica Corporacion SA 07/14/2016 RDEIY 756568101 1:2 ADR Spain OTC Ratio Change
Redecard S.A. 12/28/2012 RDCRL 75734J103 2:1 GDR - 144A Brazil N/A Cash Distribution;Termination
Redecard S.A. 12/28/2012 1027153Z LI 75734J202 2:1 GDR - Reg S Brazil N/A Cash Distribution;Termination
Regus plc 01/10/2017 RGSJY 759144207 10:1 ADR Luxembourg OTC Cash Distribution;Termination
Rei Agro Limited 01/30/2015 REA LI 74948P302 20:1 GDR - Reg S India LSE Name Change;Termination
Rei Agro Limited 06/01/2015 REA LI 74948P302 20:1 GDR - Reg S India LSE Cash Distribution;Termination
Rei Agro Limited 06/01/2015 74948P104 20:1 GDR - 144A India PORTAL Cash Distribution;Termination
RELX NV 06/22/2015 ENL 758204200 2:1 ADR Netherlands NYSE Name Change;Ratio Change;Mandatory Exchange
RELX NV 08/28/2018 RENX 75955B102 1:1 ADR Netherlands NYSE Exchange
RELX PLC 06/22/2015 RUK 758205207 4:1 ADR UK NYSE Name Change;Ratio Change;Mandatory Exchange
Renalytix plc 06/28/2021 RNLX 75973T101 2:1 ADR UK NASDAQ Name Change
Renesas Electronics Corporation 04/07/2010 RNECY 75972B101 1:2 ADR Japan OTC Name Change
Renren Inc. 01/18/2017 RENN 759892102 3:1 ADR China NYSE Reverse Split;Ratio Change
Renren Inc. 12/16/2019 RENN 759892201 15:1 ADR China NYSE Ratio Change;Reverse Stock Split
RhythmOne plc 04/12/2019 BLNKY 76244A103 1:1 ADR UK OTC Cash Distribution;Termination
RhythmOne plc 10/06/2017 BLNKY 76244A103 1:1 ADR UK OTC Ratio Change
RhythmOne plc 06/29/2016 BLNKY 09354X100 10:1 ADR UK OTC Name Change
RIB Software SE 04/07/2017 RSTAY 74965G102 2:1 ADR Germany OTC Name Change
Rightmove plc 02/28/2018 RTMVY 76657Y101 2:1 ADR UK OTC Ratio Change
Rightmove plc 08/27/2018 RTMVY 76657Y101 2:1 ADR UK OTC Ratio Change;Stock Distribution
RMB Holdings Ltd. 04/21/2020 RMBHY 74964G103 3:1 ADR S. Africa OTC Termination
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc 12/13/2006 RSA 78004V202 5:1 ADR UK NYSE Termination
RPC Group PLC 07/23/2019 RPCGY 749661104 2:1 ADR UK OTC Termination
Ruhnn Holding Limited 04/22/2021 RUHN 781314109 5:1 ADR China NASDAQ Merger;Termination
Ryohin Keikaku 07/30/2019 RYKKY 78392U105 1:1 ADR Japan OTC Ratio Change;Stock Distribution

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