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Company Date of Notice Ticker CUSIP Ratio (ORD:DR) Type Country Exchange Corporate Action Type
Ube Corporation 09/25/2017 UBEOY 902605104 1:2 ADR Japan OTC Ratio Change;Stock Distribution
Ube Corporation 04/12/2022 UBEOY 902605104 1:2 ADR Japan OTC Name Change
Ube Corporation 05/26/2022 UBEOY 902605104 1:2 ADR Japan OTC Termination
Ube Corporation 01/11/2023 UBEOY 902605104 1:2 ADR Japan OTC Cash Distribution;Termination
UBI Banca SCPA 10/21/2020 BPPUY 903466100 2:1 ADR Italy OTC Cash Distribution;Termination
UDG Healthcare 10/21/2021 UDRGY 90266E109 2:1 ADR Ireland OTC Termination
Ultra Electronics Holdings plc 08/24/2022 UEHPY 903870103 1:2 ADR UK OTC Cash Distribution;Termination
UltraTech Cement Limited 04/19/2011 UCLQF 90403E202 1:1 ADR India OTC Ratio Change
Umicore S.A. 10/11/2017 UMICY 90420M104 1:4 ADR Belgium OTC Ratio Change;Stock Distribution
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 06/25/2018 UNRDY 904587102 1:10 ADR France OTC Termination
Unilever NV 05/17/2006 UN 904784709 1:1 NYRS Netherlands NYSE Par Value Change;Stock Split
Unilever plc 05/17/2006 UL 904767704 1:1 ADR UK NYSE Stock Split;Ratio Change
Uniper SE 01/04/2024 UNPPY 90914C109 1:1 ADR Germany OTC Termination
Unipol Gruppo SpA 10/04/2017 UFGSY 90914M305 1:2 ADR Italy OTC Name Change
Unipol Gruppo SpA 07/28/2015 UGFNY 90914M206 1:1 ADR Italy OTC Termination
UnipolSai Assicurazioni SpA 11/19/2021 FDIAY 90916Q106 4:1 ADR Italy OTC Termination
United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) 10/16/2007 UMC 910873207 5:1 ADR Taiwan NYSE Capital Reduction
United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. 03/04/2019 NEO LX 64046D103 5:1 GDR - 144A Taiwan LUX Name Change
United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. 03/04/2019 NEOS LX 64046D202 5:1 GDR - Reg S Taiwan LUX Name Change
UPM-Kymmene Corporation 07/29/2019 UPMKY 915436109 1:1 ADR Finland OTCQX Unsponsored Exchange;Termination
UPM-Kymmene Corporation 09/13/2019 UPMKY 915436109 1:1 ADR Finland OTCQX Cash Distribution
USS Co. Ltd 09/24/2013 USSJY 90344T102 2:1 ADR Japan OTC Ratio Change

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