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Depositary Service Fees

There are select DR issues that contain a Depositary Service Fee (DSF) component. Citibank, N.A. (Citi) will charge holders the DSF based on the terms of the deposit agreement for the applicable DR program, or in case of unsponsored ADR programs based on the terms and conditions for unsponsored ADRs set forth in the form of applicable receipt on file with the SEC. Citi will notify DTC, Euroclear and Clearstream approximately one month prior to a DSF record date. The clearing systems will in turn collect the DSF from their respective participants based on DR positions held as of a record date.

To access a list of DR issues that contain a DSF component, click here.

The following query form allows you to search for DSF notices on Citi’s Depositary Receipt issuers. DSF is not applicable to GDNs. Search for DSF notices by company name, cusip, ticker, country or exchange.

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For further information, please contact Citi's Depositary Receipt Services:

Capital Markets Solutions

Michael O'Leary+1-212-723-5435
Jason Zoppel+1-212-723-5435
Michael Woods+44-20-7500-2030

Broker Services

Kelly Rose Lynch+1-973-461-7013
Larysa Sabat+1-973-461-7028


Marc Mayo+1-973-461-7015
Keith Balwan+1-973-461-7038
Adam Yang+1-973-461-5750