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Issuer Access

Issuer Access® is a secured on-line information source for important and timely information about an issuer’s depositary receipt program. Users can view the information on screen, print to PDF, or export into Microsoft Excel for customized analysis.

Available Reports

  • Issuer Total Summary
    Report provides a comprehensive look at the most important statistics about your program. Within a selected date range, the Issuer Total Summary compares total Depositary Shares outstanding, number of registered holders and closing price. Information is updated and available daily.

  • Broker Activity List
    Report provides broker issuance and cancellation activity through the previous night’s close of business. Information available includes the broker name, shares issued, shares cancelled and the variance.

  • Market Price Trend
    Provides a chart and table view of the DR closing share price within a selected date range.

  • Dividend History
    Report provides a list of the company’s dividend history since Citi became the depositary bank. Information include the local record and pay date, U.S. record and pay date, U.S. gross and net rate, tax withheld, dividend type, dividend rate, etc.

  • DTC Participant List and Activity
    All Depositary Shares maintained in book-entry form within DTC are registered in DTC's nominee name CEDE & CO. This report lists the names behind DTC's nominee name. The report is available to select clients.

  • Registered Shareholder List
    Report contains a list of the registered holders and activity for the top 100. Information available includes the holder(s) name, address and share position.